Ryloth may be free but her troubles are far from over. all rpg games have em. I decided that packs didnt really fit how he looked in my mind so I gave him 2 bandoleers with small pouches spread about and a large pouch hanging off the bottom of one.

:) Too bad I got work to do tonight. 3. (Well, quite frankly, I was expecting somehow that something random like that was gunna pop up sooner or later. On the other hand, we try to keep track of our rations. In most of the long-running campaigns Ive been in, the party picked up a portable hole-type storage device pretty quickly, because GM & players both hate it when every item found becomes a debate on the weight/worth ratio, and whether the party will be too vulnerable if the fighter moves up into heavily encumbered.

Another thing you notice in D & D we rarely talk about the weather? This was primarily so the DM didnt have to argue with the players over encumberance. unfortunately its throwing an error -.p3d not found. Your link has been automatically embedded. Around 20 tons of food was stolen, we doubt you can recover it all but every little bit helps, mark recovered crates with purple smoke, the location will be recorded for recovery. Steve: Thats fantastic! My BoH and spell component pouch alone put me at 17 lbs, @ comment 88 (SarahMarch 3rd, 2007, Two-and-a-half years ago!). By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

The Biopsy Probe - while not strictly a melee attack in the sense that it actually fires an "invisible" projectile, is the first non-ballistic weapon in the entire series. Predates tetris, and the shapes are simple (11, 12, 22, 23) blocks. He would scrawl things like much rope on his character sheet. Ahhhh A TARDIS joke. If interrupted, Yusof would have to pick Thats why I made the joke about buildings rather than travel bags. When asked about it, Id reply that I was a character from Diablo.

Some rope. TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimension (or Dimensions) In Space.

the attempt. They crossed the line into terrorism when a shipment of food bound for Ryloths Capital, Lessu was attacked and stolen by this group. >>February 28th, 2007 at 3:24 pm It's the first time we've seen him smile since I don't remember when., Am I the only one here who cherishes the accasional smile of Aragorn? Oh, and the lawn ornament joke was a fabulous line for Aragorn. of supplies. Too true. February 28th, 2007 at 8:11 pm. Gamesmaster rolls 104 (Roll 1 D6 and ignore results Even hardcore gamers are happy to treat the average knapsack as a soundproof bag which will distribute the weight of the contents evenly over the body of the wearer. You can make links like this: I'm reading about Darth Vader on Wikipedia!

It is up to you if this destroys the bag or harms the contents, but it should singe the crap out of any face poked into the bag at the very least. Add another 5 lbs.

Lots and lots of copper. But the great majority of the time the players are on their honor for what they have. Go to it! such fun. Carry-on luggage. Because there are two bandages to each So I nearly peed myself when we found a Handy Haversack. I love Aragorns face in the fourth frame.

With magic, we just just grab n go! Get out of my shop before I call the watch!. (If you ask how a million copper pieces found their way into a cave in the wilderness, youll get another 50 xp for your keen sense of realism, and then a rust monster will eat all your gear.). Both variants of the ED-1 Mini UGV possess base armour values of 30. Then youll see the fastest record in discarding eq.

just a point Id like to make, only the doctors tardis is stuck in that form.

Sometimes it is good to leave something behind even if you think you may find a use for it 3 campaigns from now. Of course, nobody in our group considered Steves suggestion above that enemies would target the Haversacks or Bag of Holding.

A nice little earner. Connor: Oh, right. A used Kobold spear? A new Net gain or loss for either party (except for an enduring grudge I developed against this dm) through this micromanaging stupidity! OMG: you made a GURPS reference, had to laugh at that one especially hard. Besides the one with the pipe when Boromirs being tackled by Merry and Pippin (in the movie). 1. The idea of an invisible backpack is a good idea itself.

Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. :-D. Im reminded of a comment I read somewhere (dont ask me where) about how a paladin can be in full plate armour and have tons of penalties, but if he took the armour off and carried it, bing, no problems! Neither "magazine" can be reloaded once depleted unless the operator rearms the drone at a nearby supply crate/logistics vehicle. Hope Shamus writes a blog in response to it. in their figures. I should know, I get my leaders comission at the beginning of next year. How many times does a dungeon garrison have to be attacked and worked over by adventurers before they learn to shoot at the bag? Im not sure why anyone building a dungeon would use such convoluted torches rather than regular Continual Flame ones (smells a bit like metagaming to me). GATHER INTEL ON HOW INSURGENTS ARE GETTING WEAPONSWe know that these insurgents are receiving weapons from an unknown source, gather intel within the hideouts and on the bodies of insurgents. As for those off-the-shelf bags olading A bag you say.

[unitBackpack player,0,""] remoteExec ["life_fnc_setTexture",RCLIENT]; Charlie Bronsons always got rope.

Can fire either regular pellet or slug-type shotshells. Thats always #1.). Players: (Look at each other uncomfortably).

I would say as the team were gathering yet another armful of kobold spears (worth a staggering 4 gp each when new): Lads, dont you think this will be sort of not worth the effort when it comes to moving silently, getting through narrow spaces and the like?. Even using lightweight modern metal alloys, I think you'd have a very, very hard time getting an adult-sized longsword that weighs only 4lbs. I love Aragorn's face in the fourth frame. an enthusiast I know says that Albion swords are essentially the same as the museum swords they replica. I got told We can sell em and we can carry x GP in weight. Its probably worth mentioning that the D&D numbers for the weight of a sword may be a little high because they include scabbard, baldrick, etc. So lets say 12 pounds total. Here's what they are and why people argue about it. same thing about packs goes for literally every rpg iv ever seen. [Nogard Codesmith] I have seen several incarnations of a lead/pewter figure (entitled The Compleat Adventurer on one early version I actually own) in which the figure is bowed down under a tremendous array of carried equipment including several weapons, cookware, ropes, grappling hooks, flasks and a kitchen sink perched on top of the crammed-to-bursting pack. When I first began gaming in the D20 version, having departed D&D for about 20 years in disgust at the complex AD&D rules, I roleplayed the pack thing (it doesnt need GURPS-level rules, just a clear inner picture of what it all looks like, a reasonable attitude and a desire to achieve some sort of realism on the part of the players). If destroyed: Instantly immobilises the drone. I knew there was a reason I have dozens of those little hotel bottles stored but never used.

Someone already mentioned the spelling mistakes I was going to mention, so Ill just point out panel 10: The backpack which in which the desired item. A dozen spears, or six halberds or poleaxes or longbows, or calculation of the time reauired should be made. The others, more sensibly, gloss over it and dont let it bother them. So be careful what you wish for. Just imagine Mary Poppins as a mercenary and you get the idea.. 12 oz.

And I never wanted a TARDIS during a game so much as a plot device in order to skip to the part where we figured out what was going on in order to avoid the wandering around aimlessly phase.

Invisible leather TARDIS, indeed. there is a 1 in 3 chance that each Oh gawds! Gathering intel in the field will narrow your search. http://compreviews.about.com/od/buyers/a/NoteSizeSpec.htm, Have Backpack, Will Travel High Adventure Games, The Witching Well Archives Geekly Giggles, Amits Game Programming Information[ref] Morgen Free's Blog, Steve: Twister of Physics | Rats Got Bored And Made A Blog. I was playing a 2 game session at a con with a character I had prepared who was a specialist in the short bow. Well, recently we were in a gladiator battle with an ogre magi, and I found myself without any ranged weapons left. Yours for 5 gp, and a bargain at that price I might add. Yes Ive got one of those magic bags right here. Paste as plain text instead,

Murphy: Youve lost it, havent ya? Armed Assault Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Trust me on this one, you can get a players handbook for 20 bucks, its like 2nd Edition, but totaly hard core. No rope! {I was laughing for an inordinate amount of time about it and now Im coughing terribly.}. IRL I fill my backpack with dozens of random things I might need if I wind up on the Lost island or another planet. Which isnt to say that mid- and high-level D&D characters arent capable of doing ridiculous things while fully armored. There is such a game, though its not complex as gurps, that looks at this sort of delema, you whould look it up, its called. The above is an example of what terrible results can come from letting nitpickers loose on a perfectly good joke. Put magical torches on sconces on the walls of both corridors and rooms.

Plus if the party ever gets in serious trouble, you can turn the bag inside out and hope for the best. I want to thank you for combining Doctor Who (which I love), Lord of the Rings (ditto), Roleplaying (which I dont love as such, but can be incredibly funny), humor (which I love) and even slipping in a Terry Pratchett reference (which is just awesome). The opposite extreme to the Randy types is the overly strict DM. Only placeable explosive allowed is Explosive Charge A-TYPE with limit of 3 per squad, 2x Squad energy Shields MAX (recommend giving to lead and 2ic), Assistant slot is a standard rifleman slot due to insane ammo capacity for gunner, We will be using Weapons Of the Republic mod for blasters and rocket launchersthey can be found by looking for SWT in arsenal, Uniform - Clonetrooper Uniform (212th battalion), Vest - Clonetrooper Armor (212th battalion), Helm - Clonetrooper Helmet (any variation) (212th battalion), Backpack - Clonetrooper Backpack, Backpack Invisible, Misc - take any NVG ChipRIFLEMAN (HEAVY ANTI TANK OPERATOR), Vest - Clonetrooper Grenadier Armor (212th battalion), Weapons - DC-15A Rifle, DC-15S Carbine, RPS6 Launcher Platform, Vest - Clonetrooper Armor (212th battalion MEDIC), Vest - Clonetrooper Recon Armor (212th battalion), Vest - Clonetrooper Armor + Kama (212th battalion), Weapons - DC-15A Rifle, DC-15A/GL, DC-15S Carbine, DC-17 Pistol, Misc - Clone Visor with or without antenna, Vest - Clonetrooper Armor + Pauldrons (any variation) (212th battalion), Uniform - Clonetrooper Uniform (212th Cody), Helm - Clone Pilot Helmet (any variation) (212th battalion), Backpack - Clonetrooper Backpack, Backpack Invisible, CDV-19m, CDV-5S, Backpack - Clonetrooper Backpack, Backpack Invisible,CDV-19m, CDV-5S, Weapons - DC-15A Rifle, DC-15S Carbine, Valken-38A Marksmen Rifle, Posted August 13, 2018 Though the drone itself is surprisingly quite resilient to small arms fire (both UGVs can survive an entire magazine's worth of hits from 6.5 mm bullets), the same cannot be said for explosives or grenade launcher rounds. You cannot paste images directly. All the books you buy mostly because they have a rework of how some silly rule works that you almost never use, but seems cooler than the clunky rule in the core book and which you can NEVER find when you need it. So my character carries nothing that she cant either wear or fit in a pocket or belt pouch, while everyone else has one of each type of weapon, five of each type of arrow, 200 rope, a four-man tent etc etc. We laughed ourselves silly over that one. gave me a portable hole once. Yusof can check up to 3 things per Your previous content has been restored. That hits you with a check penalty on any physical actions, reduces your speed, and stops you from running full out. When they dont have a particular item, they IMPROVISE. We know that these insurgents are receiving weapons from an unknown source, gather intel within the hideouts and on the bodies of insurgents. The punchline with the TARDIS is just pricelessI was laughing out loud in my cubicle and found myself having to explain Doctor Who to my co-workers. So as Im describing my elaborate method of hammering spikes into the ground and stringing rope around them to make the net, Randy asks, why dont you just use a net? you have a net? sure i have 2 of them.

Of course what you want isnt really always on the top; what you do is enter the TARDIS and kick it into reverse x1, so its traveling backwards just enough to match the normal flow of time forwards.