I just want to know if he turned out alright. That fuck you was a big risk. Jesses salvific feelings of guilt and shame prompt him to want to give away millions of dollars of what he calls blood money. He goes to his lawyer, the comically garish Saul Goodman, and leaves the bags of money, telling him to give them to the parents of Drew Sharp and to the young granddaughter of Mike Ehrmantraut, another victim of Walts ruthlessness. Walt, similarly, made several breakthroughs for Grey Matter, but had sold his share of the company for pennies on the dollar after breaking up with Gretchen, as he would tell Jesse late in the final season. It is really sad that homes like this are real. And then in this episode, that theme is nailed in again when Walt tells his class the story of H. Tracy Hall, a genius chemist who got shafted and ended up with no real recognition and almost no money for his work. I think, in a similar way, this episode, and this thing that Jesse goes through, reveals a lot about who he really is. While still an addict and a criminal, Jesse Pinkman thirsts for righteousness so intensely that he is willing to throw away everything he has in order to be cleansed, to be made new.

The episode was written by J. Roberts and Vince Gilligan, and directed by Peter Medak. I gotta be honest, I started this blog with like 500 words about my love of Breaking Bad and how much I watch it and this and that, and then deleted it. stop generalizing please. remember Skank said to Spooch baby, that H is bringing me down? And man, that fucking kid, it gets me every time and I never expect it. The nomenclature alone is enough to make your head spin. For real. This really bothers Jesse, who yells at her to feed him, put baby powder on him, and give him some decent TV. Jesse has been nothing but a pawn in this game of empire-building, and he is being told peace, peace when there is no peace.[4] He proceeds to lie to Jesse about the murders he has committed. But what he has gotten better at is this sort of thingreading people, gambling to win, lying. Gretchen is confused as Skyler tearfully thanks her for money she never actually offered. Required fields are marked *. It's not known, I don't believe he makes another appearance. (LogOut/ Back at home, Skyler receives a call from Gretchen, the conversation turning to the money that Gretchen and Elliot had supposedly given them to pay for Walt's medical bills. Writer. Press J to jump to the feed. The line that really hits that home is when Jesse asks The Kid if he wants to watch Mr. Rogers. Jesse places the boy back in his bedroom, then intercepts his parents in the kitchen, pistol-whipping Spooge and holding the two at gunpoint. Lucky for him, she doesnt say anything. And such stark contrast to the chemistry and the cooking. The stand-out moment for me from this episode was when the kid says Im hungry in response to Jesses questions. its obvious that the writers were trying to make comparison between other drugs and heroine a lot of times in season 2. All rights reserved. I know this blog isnt exactly timely per se, but Breaking Bad is consuming my brain at every waking second and Breaking Bad fans such as myself worry about that kid on a daily basis. And thats what happens here, Skyler and Gretchen end up talking and Gretchen figures out that Walt lied to Skyler about her and Elliot paying for his treatment. Jesse now understands this, and in a poignant moment asks, Would you just, for once, stop working me?. As the nephew of Jack Welker, the leader of a neo-Nazi gang, Todd had a lot of dangerous connections. oh, and Im really pissed that people keep thinking Spooch and Skank were only methhead. Change). Jesse plays the role of the child-prophet, exposing the amoral decay of the very system that has provided him a place in the sinister industry while synonymously enslaving him via both an addiction to meth and his partner, Heisenbergs, addiction to power. This is the other side of the nasty business theyre in. Walt has a minor one when he sees Gretchen stopped by his house, potentially putting his cover story about her and Elliot footing his medical bills in jeopardy. It was written by J. Roberts and Vince Gilligan, and directed by Peter Medak.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. That apartment is such a shithole, there is no other way to say it. Neither. He is pushed over the edge into addiction multiple times, including when Walter forces him to kill a chemist name Gale, and when his girlfriend, Jane, dies of a heroin overdose. Well written and thought out ^_^. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The past is the past. At this painful moment, Walts use of son is grotesque. This is really all that these guys have: their tight-knit, brutal family. Jane death was because of heroine. The episode opens with Skinny Pete stomping out a beetle. Instead, Jack's gang ended up destroying the empire he built in addition to killing his brother-in-law before taking Jesse captive. I want to believe that maybe something about that interaction with Jesse saved him. I think Jessy is a bit too goofy (and the squashy bit at the end was not really a surprise not even the first time around). The woman demands an apology for calling her a skank, but Spooge fires back by calling her a "skank-ass skank" repeatedly. Proof they were H addicts. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/BreakingBadS2E6Peekaboo. I didnt know someone could write such a well thought out critique of a TV show episode. Gretchen had called, hurriedly telling her that she and Elliot could no longer pay for Walt's medical bills, then refusing to answer any calls Skyler made to them, making her suspicious. We were really thinking about that angle, and not a stereotypical gang of hard guys. Here you will find discussions and speculations about the show, pictures from the show, AMA's with the cast, and anything else Breaking Bad related. Kara Hedash is the Jr. Lead Editor for the Screen Rant Features team. And in a way, that fits the show really well, because Walt is detached from it himself. She also has a soft spot for horror ever since she started watching the genre at too young of an age. Transfixed in a state of joyful wonder, Jesse watches the beetle crawl over his tattooed hand. Lord is he condescending though. Club gave the episode an A, praising the episode for reversing the roles of Jesse and Walter. He knew he was ruining people, ruining families, communities, getting people killed, all of it. But in season five, we learn that this surrogate, sinister caregiver has actually poisoned Brock, the child of Jesses ex-girlfriend. He obviously loves his subject, its history. Ok so anyway, Ive been rewatching Breaking Bad and last night I watched Season 2, Episode 6 Peekaboo again. Philanthropy resources for organizations improving the lives of animals. In his painful exhaustion, he still has eyes to see and ears to hear the evil that Walt has manipulated him into doing. A few moments later, Jesses colleague and friend, Skinny Pete, walks up to join him, sees the beetle on the ground, and aggressively steps on it. Hes not just a drug dealer, we see deep down hes a moral person. It was like Monopoly but based on outer space. Thats the kind of childhood Jesse had. They give him part of the meth, claiming to have lost the other portion, and show him an ATM they have stolen from a convenience store. A 911 hangup won't generate an immediate response with a siren. Another reminder that a child has died for the sake of the empire. Meanwhile, back in the creepy yellow Spooge Cave, that abyss of desperation, one of the most disturbing moments happens when Baby Spooge comes into the room and Mrs. Spooge coaxes him over to sit on her lap. Jesses guilt over his complicity in the empire grows as the bodies pile up. Meanwhile, Walt's cover story on how Elliott and Gretchen are paying for his medical treatment is on the verge of collapsing. So this episode, even though Walt is still oblivious of the actual lives of meth addicts, allows us as viewers to really see the kind of people Walt is cooking for, to not lose sight of that. Before joining Screen Rant, Kara served as a regular contributor for Movie Pilot and had work published on Pure Fandom, The Mary Sue, and Reel Honey. By the way, I felt the same way you do once reading a review for ABQ just reading the review was making me cry for Jesses pain over losing Jane. He talks about everything in academic, business terms. In 2019 The Ringer ranked "Peekaboo" as the 26th best out of the 62 total Breaking Bad episodes. In a characteristically tense scene from the last season of Vince Gilligans Breaking Bad, Walter White looks directly at his former business partner, Jesse Pinkman, and discloses his true motivation for the methamphetamine cooking that has dominated their recent lives: Jesseyou asked me if I am in the meth business or the money business. He sees a beetle on the sidewalk and, immediately, his countenance transforms from that of hardened criminal to that of a curious child. ), although, as someone has pointed out it could have been because of the heroin, rather than the meth. It was clear that Todd wanted Jesse's role as Walt's right-hand man and that move gave him a closer opportunity in attaining that goal. Jesse never knows about Walts dark sin of omission, but this emphasises the power of Walts puppet master strings. Even though Walt later left the meth business, his allegiance to Todd and Jack ended up greatly backfiring. As sirens blare in the distant background, Jesse puts his hands gently on the little boy and says, You have a good rest of your life, kid.. The smooth rhetoric of the empire attempts, once again, to create a false peace when Walt says: Son, you need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you. Now Skank and Spooch on the other hand, ARE contemptible junkie. He could have stopped dealing meth at any point. But no, Mrs. Spooge has him sit on her lap like shes using her own dirty, neglected little kid as a shield. She hurriedly excuses herself. Its one of the greatest shows ever. Smile! Walt manages to assuage her suspicions by explaining that, while he had talked with Gretchen, he had learned that they are broke: they couldn't pay for his bills anymore because they no longer had the money to spare. Cradling the child, he rushes past the bloody crime scene out to the porch, where he covers the child in a soiled blanket. A lot of times when you tell someone (Skyler) a lie involving someone else (Gretchen), and that someone else is someone the first person knows, theyre bound to talk eventually. read some books, watch movies like Requiem for a Dream. Previous to this revelation, Jesse accuses Walt of the attempted murder, and Walt manipulates him into believing that he is innocent and a victim himself for even being accused. Aaron Paul was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for this episode. but to be completely zonked out like Skank was ; definitely heroine,which is a big issue in Season 2 (Janes death). Or Elliot. I dont think he wants to go back to his life, even if he had his expenses taken care of. Within seconds, he is an iron-faced drug lord protecting his power at all costs. Your email address will not be published. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In other news, Walt is back at school, teaching again. He wants to make an empire on his chemistry prowess. Upon learning of supply being transported by a freight train in the desert, Walt, Jesse, and Mike decided to embark on a train robbery. She is a writer--of memoir, personal essay, fiction, screenplays and TV scripts--and a music fanatic, a science girl, an occasional dabbler in the metaphysical and a person who watches copious amounts of TV (read: way too much), for writing insights of course. When Walt says that Gretchen wants to be all sweetness and light, innocent, yeah, I get that. [3], 6th episode of the second season of Breaking Bad, "The Ringer's Definitive 'Breaking Bad' Episodes Ranking", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Peekaboo_(Breaking_Bad)&oldid=1097527136, Television episodes written by Vince Gilligan, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Pages using infobox television episode with unnecessary list markup, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 11 July 2022, at 07:16. Is a meth empire really something to be that proud of?. I feel so sorry for you, Walt. His killing of Drew was just the beginning of Todd's sociopathic arc in theBreaking Baduniverse. The properties were planets and their moons and the playing pieces were spaceships and there were these fuel things you had to use but we always ignored that part. New & Upcoming Superhero Movies and Series. The show opens with a scene of a bleary-eyed Jesse waiting on a street corner to make a drug transaction. they were heroine addicts. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In their filthy, dark drug den, he finds an equally filthy young child, left alone in front of an outdated television set. I think most mothers would do anything to protect their kids, to keep their kids out of harms way, to make the kid go and hide. Jesse freaking out as Spooge's girl crushes Spooge's head with the ATM. White and their crusty colleague, Mike Ehrmantraut, always refers to Jesse as kid. Jesses baggy jeans and casual slang (Yo, Mr. White!) are childlike, even goofy. That was such a desperate plea and almost made me cry. And no, Im not just saying that because I love Jesse and this is a very Jesse-centric episode.

"What blanks did you fill in about Todd? So while Walt continues to break bad, we start seeing Jesse going in reverse. She loves to binge a new series and watch movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to hidden indie gems. There is so much empathy and compassion in him, sometimes an unexpected innocence in this dark world. Even when Jesses laying on the floor after getting knocked out, theres a lot of yellow light coming through. Jesse is also an abandoned, soiled childthe victim of trauma who continues to walk into more trauma. It really goes to the depths. Im not sure Walts gotten any better at being a criminal at this point. Jesse ignores him, then calls him back, handing him thousands of dollars in cash. Stuff strewn everywhere, a little kid left there while the junkie parents are out, the parents hiding heroin and meth up their asses. If Walt recognized the warning signs, he may not have faced dire threats from Jesse or Mike. Without amethylamine supply, Walt's crew had to come up with a way to acquire the ingredients needed to cook the Blue Sky signature product. And I dont really blame him for not taking their cash, but he does have that choice again. As lazy or as bad a person weed or meth can make you become, heroine will burn down any humanity inside of you. Gross, yo. It feels very real, though, that they dont go into the minutiae of what actually happened in the past. He regularly attends a twelve-step group in a church basement to pose as a recovering addict in order to gain customers. She says that if hell just give her a hit, shell be any kind of mother he wants. Hes certainly becoming a more adept chess player. Its becoming so routine for Walt to disappear and then either not answer or lie about it. Early in Walt and Jesses relationship, Jesse, along with the shows viewers, thinks that Walt has not and could not reach this level of stony-hearted rapacity, but Walts lust for empire-building ultimately spares no one. A Lenten Journey: Poetic Reflections pt. He drives away, tires squealing, intensely sobbing and violently grunting as he throws bundles of hundred dollar bills out the window onto yards, onto driveways, even into gutters. When the group leader tells the others not to judge him for killing the dog, Jesse grows enraged and begins screaming: If you just do stuff and nothing happens, whats it all mean? Its such a crushing (no pun intended) episode that changes the dynamics of the entire series. This is a really important episode. And yet he always found reasons to continue. But the fact that they both address their history without really going into it, and that they have radically different opinions on what happened, different memories of how the shit went down, plays true. It aired on AMC in the United States and Canada on April 12, 2009. Theres something thats a little too rehearsed and smooth, like they both know exactly how to accentuate a point by putting a hand on someones arm at a precise moment. It's Possible The Idol Could Be Even Bigger Than Euphoria. His girlfriend, who also abuses heroin, asks Spooge for some meth to "even out", but an angry and irritable Spooge refuses, calling her a "skank" in the process. Spooge and his girlfriend freaking out when Jesse confronts them. Gretchen could have easily felt pissed and hurt enough to tell Skyler and tell her everything, tell her that she and Elliot never paid a cent for Walts treatment. (LogOut/ Later in this episode, you can see the distance and distrust is still there between them. I guess it's obvious that they're part of the Aryan Brotherhood, right? Hahaha it was pretty funny, early on, when Skyler said to Gretchen that she was taking Walt at his word. Rookie mistake. After Skinny Pete gets ripped off, Walt makes Jesse go get the money. What hes seen, what hes heard, being placed into the system, everything is working against him. I mean, damn!! I actually just read an interview (cant remember which one; I read so many) where I think it was Aaron Paul was saying they actually had to clean up the apartment before filming. You hit home with ever point. No, Jesse was just a stoner who sell and occasionally smoke meth but still, his drug of choice is just mostly weed. Jesses not a killer. The worst in the series IMHO. Due to Todd's potential, he was quickly enlisted to assist in an extremely risky train heist that wound up ruining Walt and Jesse's profitable partnership. Despite not knowing what was witnessed, Todd quickly killed Drew without hesitation. Yes, he wants to leave money for Walter Jr and Skyler and the coming baby, but I think what he really wants is to lead the life Gretchen and Elliot have.