Funding, exposure, brand awareness, and much more.

Taking a minute to write out the required information in a thoughtful manner will save you time (and headaches) down the road! It also allows you to track how many sales came from the influencer collaboration. Super simple. Youll find that there are still some gaps in the information provided (we can get into using checkout surveys and other methods of tracking in a future post), but the more data you have the better youre going to be able to perform in the long-run. If youre Dollar Shave Club, you may lay out the fact that you started because you thought having a quality razor shouldnt cost a fortune or be a nightmare to purchase or maybe youre a brand like thirdlove and you recognized you needed half sizes and that you should have to choose between what looks good and what is comfortable to wear. Note: if you're an influencer looking for help adding deliverables to your assignment, click here. Create a discount code to incentivize first time purchases, but to also better track which of your partners are driving actual sales.

By helping brands create campaigns, providing unparalleled customer service and offering useful advice, nothing makes SallyBot happier than hearing she is liked Really, really liked. More influencers are likely to drop you in favor of easier clients, limiting your reach. If you do have a review process, make that clear to your influencers so they can factor it into their content planning. While these influencers cant promise anything, they should be able to give you a ballpark idea for what they see when working with others in your niche.

For more details, check out our Influencer Marketing Brief Template. Brand awareness, The Top 3 Social Media Platforms For Marketers In 2022 Choosing the right social media for your brand can be tricky.

Spell out what youre expecting and when youre expecting it. I love when brands do this in deck format (like our cover image), because their branding shines through.

They want to incorporate your product/service in a way that fits their life naturally, and not in a way that is evidently staged. At worst, they do a cursory glance at your website before they start the campaign orreview your products. In addition to this, you can track insights using the discount code you provided the influencer. Where will it be featured on their website? Some companies provide their influencers with a discount code. Do you want a wide range of angles? SallyBot is committed to helping users get the most out of Intellifluence. Would you like the influencer to include a link in the description? Get an internationally recognised education and have the time of your life. Tell them what your review process entails. These are critical to include when briefing influencers since they highlight specific guidelines: To get the best results from your influencer marketing campaigns, make sure to send your influencer marketing brief to every influencer you plan on working with and get written confirmation that they have read and agree to the document.

can be challenging, especially if youre an.

Include the deadlines for when deliverables should be posted.

Across our careers weve spent over $100M with an average return of 5X for our e-commerce partners. Influencers expect to get paid on time for their services.


Clear messaging directives in your influencer marketing brief help your influencers plan what theyre going to say in their caption and post. The influencers you work with cant know if theyre doing a good job without feedback, and you cant know if the campaigns are a success without reviewing them with a critical eye. Introducing yourself and your brand is an important step. What kind of content are you looking for?

At best, they conduct detailed research on your company and its products.

Verbal CTA #1 during your [BRAND NAME] segment with corresponding text overlay for your followers to use your link for an extra 30% off your first order with code [CODE], If this is a dedicated video, please move this CTA to before your try on haul, At the end of your video, include Verbal CTA #2 for your followers to go to your link for an extra 30% off your first order with code [CODE] at the end of your video. Discount codes provide the influencer with a financial benefit to the collaboration as well. This can be disastrous for product reviews if the bloggers mislead audiences into thinking you offer services you dont or omit services that you do offer. Influencers are clear on your campaign goals and can keep them in mind while creating. You cant ask to review content before the influencer shares it and then take a month to approve it, only to wonder why the campaign is so far behind. Having a solid brief will set your influencers up to be as successful as possible. Neglecting your influencer relationship can have long-term consequences for your marketing campaigns. But creating an effective influencer brief can be challenging, especially if youre an up-and-coming business without experience working with influencers. Once the campaign is completed and the influencers deliverables are published, give it a few days before asking for the influencers insights. Its easy to get excited about working with an influencer with more than a million followers. Were going to show you how to put together a simple brand brief that will have you getting the results youre looking for over and over again.

You are an active partner in the relationship. deliverables webris samples

Copyright 2016 - 2022 Intellifluence. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are all popular channels for influencer campaigns. To be able to have solid relationships with people who love our brands, drive results, and are fairly compensated for doing so? With a good brief, you and your influencers can carry out a campaign successfully.

Want to learn more about influencer marketing? Tip: If you have other stats you'd like to show on a report, (i.e. A basic introduction can, It also lets the influencer get to know you better and, In this section of your brief, introduce the. How does our product tie-in to your life and/or the broader video? I cant express enough how important it is to track everything you can with your influencer marketing.

If youre ready to take things to the next level, request a demo today. Successful influencer marketing campaigns rely on evaluation and deliverables. While its important to be specific on what youre looking for, .

Thats how you both win in the end. Lack of personal creativity and flexibility for the influencer can, While some influencers dont mind a lot of instructions, other, They want to incorporate your product/service in a way that fits their life naturally, and. Use these five steps to establish clear deliverables that both parties agree on. Include the company founder, the influencers main point of contact(s), your brands social media accounts, and the top products.

Given the, This is your opportunity to tell the user the background of your company. Were excited to partner with you and hope that our tools bring you and your audience as much success as they have us and our clients.

If you are adding deliverables for an influencer that is unable to add them on their end, you should reassign the deliverables: Click on the three dots on the upper right.

However, influencers with larger followings are likely to expect standard compensation alongside commission.

That way you wont get stuck approving content the night before it is supposed to go live. Influencer Hub makes it easy for brands and influencers to work together to prove the value of influencer marketing campaigns. The overview is a short description of the details of the campaign and its purpose. You'll notice that ours highlights our website colors, fonts, and imagery.

You cant expect your influencers to be mind readers. They dont have to make assumptions about your brand and how a product works. Do you want the influencer to include any hashtags?

However, they, What tends to happen? If you dont hold up your end, then you wont get the results you want. For example, if the intended outcome of your campaign depends on multiple influencers posting at the same time, its crucial to include the dates and times in your brief. They want to partner with influencers because of a) the content they typically create and b) the relationship they have with their audience (due in large part to that content). Briefly describe the social media outlets you want the influencer to use for this collaboration.

A brand can easily add deliverables to an Influencer Hub assignment.

Most brands have their own content review process a process where you look over the influencers content before they post it to make sure it adheres to your brand and its guidelines.

While you might know your products inside and out, your influencers dont. We built TalentSheets to ensure that influencer marketing was more accessible and easier to implement for every entrepreneur and marketer on the planet no matter their budget or where they are in their companys life cycle. Keep in mind that most influencers that accept solely commission as payment are, Talking about competitors or any other sponsored products, Once the campaign is completed and the influencers deliverables are published, give it a few days before, Instagram influencers typically have insights turned on, which means they can, Ask the influencer to screenshot content insights and share them with you. We provide the highest quality of service and utmost personalized level of support to our clients.

They have their own group of loyal followers, and they want to share only the best products and brands.

Ultimately, developing an effective influencer marketing brief will help you achieve better long term results.

Examples show them exactly what type of content is acceptable, and as content creators, they can use those as a foundation for their own creativity. Some brands wont even allow talent to wear or show labels for any brands in the content.

Your mission. Even if youre giving your influencers creative freedom over what they post, provide an example or two for them.

Making sure your brief is as clear and detailed as possible is the best way to ensure a successful influencer collaboration. Do you want to build new relationships with influencers and customers? In this section of your brief, introduce the goals of the campaign. For this to work, authenticity is key. FAQ | Blog | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy.

Youve laid out who you are, the deliverables, the talking points, but now were getting into one of the more important parts of your brief. The messaging your influencers use is likely to be more effective for the campaign when you tell them what to include. Within the Intellifluence system for brands, this means providing detailed information within the required work section so your collaborators know exactly what you expect of them. In the influencer brief, include a list of key messaging points, or important product features and benefits that should be in their captions or videos. That million-follower influencer isnt as exciting when they only drive five people to your website.

The fit, quality, style, etc.

The Skilled Migrant Category is a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment.

Influencers are more likely to work with you if they not only enjoy your product or service but if they, Discover why world class brands rely on Influicity.

Hashtags can help generate more awareness for the influencer campaign, so let your influencers know which ones theyre required to use.

Before we dive in, its important to think about what kind of relationship you want to have with influencers in terms of creative freedom.

If I were to do this for, Humanize this. One of the reasons influencer marketing is so effective is because youre working with real people, who are also expert content creators, who have an audience that trusts the content they produce.

At its core, influencer marketing is about building relationships with individuals that can share your brand with their audience.

It also allows you to track how many sales came from the influencer collaboration. Luckily, weve partnered with hundreds of brands and have run the gamut on different versions of a brand brief, from the horrendous to the pristine and everything in between.

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This will allow you to. Many influencers will provide an SOW or invoice with line items before the campaign starts so both parties have a written record of what is expected.

Let them know who they can reach out to if they have any trouble with the payment process.

For example, some brands want competitive brands (specifically makeup clients) in the content with their product being the hero piece because it feels more like a recommendation. One way you can make the evaluation process easier is by setting clear expectations regarding the marketing deliverables your influencers will provide. If I were to do this for TalentSheets, then Id likely say something like: Built by these two guys, TalentSheets is a suite of tools that layers on top of Google to turn your Google Drive into your own personalized influencer marketing platform at a ridiculously low cost. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you.

If youre looking for something specific here, spell it out. And the best way to build long-term, productive relationships is by setting and managing expectations.

In your influencer brief, start with some general brand and product information before talking about your brands purpose and values.

The more details you have in your agreement, the better.

7 Up & Coming Beauty Influencers Who Can Highlight Your Brand. A well-thought out brief that allows the influencer to understand your guidelines and needs without squashing their tone. When you reload the report, you will see that this brand deliverable will now be listed under the influencer's name, in a separate section. Therefore, its important to respect an influencers creative freedom. Let us show you how easy it is to increase your sales!

The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. Provide information on key messages you want to be included in the campaign. These are the ground rules of your influencer marketing campaign.

The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Be clear and up front about payments to ensure your influencers experience with your brand is a good one from start to finish, so theyre more inclined to work with you in the future. Along with expecting your influencers to stick to their deadlines, make sure you are responsible and stay on top of yours. Influencer Allowlisting vs Influencer Whitelisting: Which Term Should I Use?

If youre launching a new product, outline the goal of the product.

Your objectives should be measurable and easy to track. Theres a good reason influencer marketing is so popular its effective. Were going to show you how to put together a simple brand brief that will have you getting the results youre looking for over and over again. Given the average persons attention span has fallen to about 8 seconds, youll want to ensure that you lay out all of the relevant information in an easily digestible way, but nothing more.

Include the campaign messages in the post captions (as specified above), Submit your content for review on the date indicated, Position the logo/product according to brand guidelines, Include the #ad/#sponsored hashtag in your post, Dont include pictures/references to alcohol or drugs, Dont incorporate any other sponsored posts.

This brief is, For example, if youre coming out with a new line of sportswear and, , you would present this brief to influencers that, is an important step. Making sure the deliverables match your brands aesthetic is crucial if you plan on republishing them on your socials or website.

They want to partner with influencers because of a) the content they typically create and b) the relationship they have with their audience (due in large part to that content).

In your influencer brief, include payment amount, the form of payment you send (check, direct deposit, Venmo, or another app), when you send it, and whether they need to provide any forms to receive payment from you. How Do I Add My Own (Brand's) Deliverables to an Assignment? and its objectives, goals, expectations, and deliverables.

Quick explanation.

Another example is in the shooting style. Note: If a brand adds its own deliverables to an assignment, there's no additional charge. Hashtags: Make sure you have outlined your brands preferred hashtags for the campaign.

This is simply a way of saying what you want them to get across. The template includes all of the components weve gone over here and sets you up for success in your next campaign. This will allow you to see how many people are potentially interested in your company.

Highlight information like why your company started, the values your brand lives by, and why the influencer would want to partner with your brand. This brief is presented to any influencer youre interested in working with on a specific project. This way you can correct any errors and make sure the graphics are up to your standards. Without creative content guidelines, your influencers may feel lost and think, Where do I start? or What should I even post? But when they feel confident about what theyre posting, followers will likely find it more genuine and authentic.

Before starting an influencer relationship, ask about the types of engagement metrics and revenue they are likely to drive. Weve come to the end (or the beginning if you prefer to have this up front).

Dont overthink it. While some influencers dont mind a lot of instructions, other influencers thrive off of authenticity.

Examples would be in a get ready with me (GRWM) video or my makeup routine. There you have it. Lastly, if there are common misspellings, specific capitalization within your logo, or issues pronouncing certain ingredients or your brand name, make sure you call this out too. A basic introduction can help the influencer decide if they think your company and campaign are the right fit for them.

Brands can be confident that they have provided all relevant information for the influencer to create their best work in alignment with your goals. Quick explanation. Include both of these in a slide specifically for each talent. For more details, check out our Influencer Marketing Brief Template: Part 2 focuses on the deliverables, specifically the creative content to be produced and your guidelines. However, brands tend to rely on more tangible success metrics like overall sales and website hits. What is the theme of the deliverables? Please try-on all pieces weve shared with you and let your audience know what you love about each piece. The brand creates a brief that completely handcuffs the influencers ability to maintain that relationship with their audience or seamlessly integrate the brand into their natural conversation by turning them into parrots of the brands already bland marketing efforts, The solution? purchases, or attendance at an event), another great option is the notes/comment field available at the top of every report: The brand added deliverables will be listed under your name, since you are the one entering them.

Provide more specific content guidelines with a list of dos and donts.

expertise influencer branding audience Discount codes provide the influencer with a. as well.

Plus, we created a handy Influencer Brief Example that you can download and use for your next campaign! How to Create a Kick-a** Brief for Influencers, I often find that this is one of the areas that brands have the most difficulty with. Bitly . We take great care to develop a strong client relationship, coupled with efficient communication.

What kind of content are you looking for? What type of feedback are influencers likely to receive? A well-executed brief and campaign can help your brand generate more overall awareness and attract new customers. Show off your style in the most authentic way possible.

Also, give examples of content that has been created that you love. For example, a brand may have promoted the influencers' content on its own channels. If you dont say exactly what you want, how can they know to provide it for you? Some companies provide their influencers with a discount code.

What do you want to achieve with this influencer collaboration?

An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines campaign objectives, expectations, guidelines and deliverables to any potential influencers youll be working with. The service is amazing, accommodating and affordable!