Its going to cost you around 300k to grab one of these, so youll have to decide if that price is worth it. Similarily, if your opponent were to use the fan and aSword of Ari, aShield of Faerielandpaired with any anagram sword would also prevail. But then again, a lot of people who had a SoS and liked 2P battles could have switched toKelpbeards Tridentor one of the other anagram swords when they were released a few months later. I would pair it with something like aSword of Reif, or evenFlask of Liquid Fire. Other full water defenders: Battle Plunger, Dehydration Potion, Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy, and Slippery Floor Potion. Ice Dice is an oldHidden Toweritem that retired quite a while ago now. Muffins should be used for important battles like DoN or avatar challengers, and when you cant yet afford aonce per battle bomb. Craftsmans Lens and Princely Lens are weaker versions of this. I would much rather go with the sword personally. This was introduced after I had time to really use it. The Ghostkerbomb is the best bomb that you can buy. Ghostkersword has risen to astronomical heights because it is retired, and Sword of White Lies is sort of in the same boat being a Smugglers Cove item, but because there arent many other options for weapons to fill in the gap between the anagram swords and theattack pea family, theres not much you can do.

Its very similar to theSlumberberry Potionand to a lesser degree theSword of Lameness, both of which I would say are better, but the dice are noteworthy because they have the highest chance to multi-freeze. Much like theThick Smoke Bomb, the Jade Elixir is one use and should only be used for important battles, like DoN or avatar battles. Altadorian Swordbreakerwould be a similar alternative, andFan of Swordswould be the upgrade to this. Both the Stocking Full of Coal and the Rusty Pitchfork are solid upgrades from the previous dual duties that weve been looking at so far. Its probably something that most people wouldnt use in the BD because its so expensive now. A 100% freeze is essential for mid to high level battling, and will help ensure a victory against many opponents. Unfortunately the only other full fire blockers are either situational, ridiculously expensive, or both. Alien Aisha ScramblerandJhudoras Wand, although rare, are both possible threats as well. The Hanso Charisma Charm was a prize for participating in The Faeries Ruin plot back in 2010 / 2011. In higher tiers of battling, this will help you stop stuff likeSword of Ari,Pirate Captains Cutlass, andGhostkersword. Faerie TabardandHubrid Nox Memorial Shieldhave similar icon types and would be an upgrade. Sword of Lamenesscosts roughly the same amount, and it might be a toss up between the two. This of course depends on how much NP you are willing to spend. These are great if you know youre going to go up against aFlask of Liquid Fire,Mask of Coltzan, Portable Kiln, orSword of Reif. This has some nice icon types for low level battling, and will help stop weapons like Glowing Meteor Rock, Pumpkin Launcher, Carved Qasalan Blowgun, Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, and evenBrynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting. This is slightly harder to defend against because it has a little more icon diversity. Theres only a difference of 0.08 icons and any price difference because of that isnt justified. Patched Magic Hat: If you take air damage you will defend all six physical icons, otherwise you will always defend three. For example, this would completely stop Bow of the Fire Faerie, and it would put a significant dent inYlanas Blaster,Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting, andBow of Destiny. Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield,Shield of Faerieland, andGhostkershieldall take a good chunk out of this still, but perhaps not as much as they would aSword of AriorSword of Thigl. Or you can check out theFaerie Tabard. The massive amount of fire icons is harder to block when compared to other icon types. This might be good to use on the Space Faerie if you were going for the avatar for example. Other air defenders includeShield of Faerieland, Shield of Soaring, Tornado Ring,Jhudoras Wand, or theair reflectors. Ring of the Lost is a very similar but more expensive version of this. I rate this a 3 because out of all the big nameHidden Towershields, this one is the most expensive and it defends the least. The massive overheal would act as a sort ofThyoras Tearfor low league pets. The attack and reflection is nothing to scoff at either. It is possible to feed this to your pet! The only weakness in that particular case would be fire. This pretty much madeSword of Skardsenobsolete in 2P battles. If youre interested in stealing items theres no better place to start. Being able to block 11 additional icons is nice too. Air Reflectors|Dark Reflectors|Earth Reflectors|Fire Reflectors The Scarab Ring has been around for a really long time now, and has been a part of many battlers sets Im sure. The shield would take care of all fire bringing it down to 1.25-9 physical icons, and would cut seven icons off of the fan bringing it down to ten; pair that with the sword and you would end up doing 15 elemental icons, and up to 4 physical more if you get a good hit and manage to overpower the fans physical defence. With enough HP, healing 25% over and over again can make some pets invincible. Newbie Healers|Intermediate Healers|Scorchstones Although, the very cheapScroll of Ultranovawill sneak right through this. Every Battledome set will likely consist of at least two offensive or dual duty weapons, and will act as your main weapons. This weapon is intended to keep your opponent on their toes in 2P battles because its rather difficult to block. It would be great if you could pair this with a good back-up healer likeIllusens StafforWand of the Dark Faerie, but I know that isnt feasible for the majority of us. Rod of Dark Novais another option, although its ridiculously expensive. Stealers are limit one, meaning onlyone stealercan be equipped at a time. The 5 light defence isnt anything to be thrilled abour either. This drains 20 HP from your opponent and heals your pet. An upgraded version ofSword of Thigl, the Sword of White Lies is one of the other few weapons better than theanagram swords. I rather enjoyed it when it got to totally block fire, but it can really test your patience if your opponent doesnt attack with any fire. Both will help you pick apart smaller amounts of other weapons too. Pets with 1,000 HP or more will sometimes use multi freeze items like this orIce Dicebecause they can afford to take a few hits in the beginning, and with any luck get in a few freezes. Youd get full light and dark defence, four other icon types defended, and youll still attack with ten icons. These are very rarely obtained as a prize from theHaunted Woods Scratchcard Kiosk. Im not a huge fan of the Ice Scorchstone because it is so unreliable, but its the only full healer available for this price, unless you look intospecies healers. Recently, another weapon was released that challenges the ring, the Amulet of Altador. Get the mace and skip the bubble gun if you can help it. This was a prize for participating in the very first Altador Cup many years ago, and so it is very expensive now. Why? All of thenewbie shieldsandintermediate shieldswill hurt this pretty bad. It even beats aFan of Swordshead to head. Thyoras Tear works the same way as the Thick Smoke Bomb, except that you can use it once per battle. Many items will use tiny amounts of air or physical, so its not bad to have as a general defender if youre not sure what your opponent is going to be using. Although the Fearsome Gladius has a higher potential attack, it doesnt provide the same tactical power as Mask of Coltzan does, and so its likely to be shut down by a number of shields. Not when you look atHanso Charisma Charm. The tonic was awarded as a prize from the August 2014 Desert Diplomacy event and falls right in between theBlue Scorchstoneand theGreen Scorchstonein particular. An offensive weapon is any that only attacks, and can attack multiple times during a match. In 2P, you must end your turn last in order to attack with icons that cant be blocked, otherwise they can be stopped. Other full air defenders:Alien Aisha Scrambler,Jhudoras Wand, Ring of Weightlessness, Shield of Soaring,Tornado Ring, and Weird Scarab. The full dark and fire defence is extremely useful and will help you block items likeSword of Reif,Sword of Skardsen,Jhudoras Bewitched Ring,Jhudoras Potion, evenWand of the Dark Faerie. I like the idea of combining the charm with aHubrid Nox Memorial Shield. Tower Shield: Once again the icon spread here is great, its just a shame its so expensive. Only get this if you cant yet afford to upgrade to the charm just yet. I would rather go with the pitchfork over the coal personally, and not just because it attacks with more icons, but because of the physical defence. Noxs shield fairs much better though and is capable of putting a dent in a larger array of weapons. The insane price is what keeps me from giving this a 5; also, I feel the new abilities in the Battledome make this a little less useful. Shiny Shoal Shell Shield: The bad new is that this weapon loses a few points due to fractional icons. Pets under 1,000 HP should probably stick to a 100% freezer and a good healer. Things get a lot more expensive from here. It also ties or beats all of thenewbie scrolls. Ive never known the Shield of Pion Troect of being used that much. It seems there are no reflectors for physical. Youre paying about 5-10k for 0.2 more icons. Go straight to Scroll of Knowledge if you can afford it. I must talk about theFan of Swordsas well. You would fully block both light and dark, and a large amount of four other icons. I had and used this for about a year. I decided to put this under healers because this is the only healing item that you can buy that can potentially heal you back to full hit points multiple times in a match. Of all the items that you could possibly hope to have one day, this is the one that will do the most possible damage in the Battledome. This is potentially better than the newly releasedOasis Tonicbecause youre healing 20 HP, stealing 20 HP, and doing physical damage. **With the CBT, your pet needs to have 751 or more intelligence for the heal to work, otherwise it just defends. I used to really like the compass back in the day, but its fallen on some hard times, what withHanso Charism Charmout now. It may be more prudent to use anearth reflectoror aKing Lens. Glowing Cauldron works the same way, although it has a small chance of draining HP or doing nothing as well. Having no freezes for quite a few turns can hurt, but having 3, 4, 5, or even more freezes in a row is such a devastating power to have. Still, its noteworthy for what it can do to the higher end items likeGr apes of Wrath, theAttack Pea Family, andFaerie Slingshot. Your opponent will know that and try to counter accordingly, but if you dont use it, you have no chance of freezing or healing. Youll take 100% of the light and 25% of the air, and then youll reflect 75% of the air. It has roughly a 25% chance to freeze your opponent. Its for 2P battles. The alternatives at this point of battling are debatable I suppose, but they may includeFaerie Slingshot,Rod of Dark Nova,Skarls Sword,Illusens Staff, andWand of the Dark Faerie. Pirate Captains Hatwould completely block it, andKings Lenswould even things out. Brightvale Clothing|Species Healers|Big Boy Healers. If youre in the lower leagues of battling, imagine pairing this with aHanso Charisma Charmfor example; you would attack with 10 icons while still defending a large amount of icons. This way youll get all icon types through; thats really difficult to block.

If you use the foam finger in 2P, look out forAltadorian Swordbreaker. In 1P, the Flask of Liquid Fire will always do 8 icons. Devious Top Hat and Cane offers similar defence, but with added attack power. Its great to have a full heal in the BD, its just unfortunate that this is so costly. The Kings Lens is considered by many to be the best reflector weapon buyable. Much like fire, it can be hard to find a weapon that attacks with a ton of light. I think its because Im a 1P battler, and I still dont like this for 1P. Kacheek Life Potionis an alternative if you have a Kacheek. Go with that instead. Both of these are good against a few lower tier weapons likeBrynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting,Wand of Reality, orStone Foam Finger, and higher tier weapons likeSword of Thigland its big brother theSword of White Lies, orSeasonal Attack Pea But thats about it. It will also fully block the very commonHanso Charisma Charm. The Bronze, Red, and Blue Scorchstones are all commonly used in low levels of battling, and its likely that youll own and use at least one of them at some point in time. This is one of my favourite of the really old weapons of Neopia because it does a number of really cool things. Check out thespecies healersif you want to take a look at a cheaper 50% healer. This is one of the best dual duty weapons obtainable, and has the potential to do more icons than theAttack Pea. Although the chance to steal a single weapon is low, let alone all eight from your enemy, its possible to strip your opponent of all of their weapons. Scroll of Ultranova deals about 9.8 icons of damage due to fractional icons. Heavy amounts of dark icons are used by items likeSword of Skardsen,Dark Faerie Collar,Jhudoras Potion, or even aWand of the Dark Faerie. Both are buyable from theHidden Tower. You can get two of them for less than 50 NP. I mean, the idea of a weapon that attacks, defends, and reflects sounds pretty cool, but there arent enough icons here to justify the price. That 500k to 1m could be better spent on upgrading other weapons you have. Dr. Sloths Personal Bath BuddyandStone Foam Fingerare both next in terms of upgrades, and youll have to pay nearly double the price of the 13 iconers just to have one extra icon. A lot of people got rid of these after weapons likeGhostkershieldandHanso Charisma Charmbecame the norm for peoples sets. Its not great to be honest. Other full earth defenders: Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie,Pirate Captains Hat, andShield of Pion Troect. This item is on the verge of being a dual full blocker, putting it in the same league asRod of Dark Nova,Illusens Staff,Pirate Captains Hat,Alien Aisha Scrambler, and perhapsKings LensorSuperior Reflection Shield. The freeze ray has a very good freeze percentage of 50%. The intelligence part may seem daunting, but its easier than you think. The big question; what weapons should I get? And since we couldnt defend against it all too well, lets look into simply overpowering it. Maybe Im naive to do this, but Im reviewing these items with the assumption that the BD will one day be updated so that these items will once again do what they were originally meant to do. Because it only defends two icons of every other type, even very cheap items likeFlask of Liquid Firewill still get 10 of its 14 icons through. Reif / Fire: Much like the Sword of Ari, this is primarily for use in 2P battles since the fire is generally harder to block when compared to other icons. Other full physical defenders:Altadorian Swordbreaker, Flaming Bronze Helm, Winged Scarab, Yooyuball Player Sling. These bombs tend to lose their value quite a bit when you can do nearly the same amount of icons each turn with a multiple use weapon. Clickherefor a more detailed explanation between regular healers and overhealers. Crisp Blue Tunicwould be the upgrade to this, but its a huge jump in price. Although still very expensive, the price has come down to a very reasonable amount. Back in the day, I didnt pick up one of these until I had dual Sword of Skardsens. Look toStudded Leather Cuirassif you want something cheaper, it has similar icon types. The other three weapons are a cheaper alternative to the first non-species specific 100% freezer,H4000 Helmet. If you have a Blumaroo, Lenny, Elephante, Gelert, Nimmo, Uni, or Shoyru, consider getting one of these if your HP is big enough to take advantage of a 50% heal. Thare / Earth: Earth isnt necessarily a rare icon to see, but it is rare to see so much of it in a multi-use weapon. You should also be on the lookout forlight reflectors, especiallySuperior Reflection Shield. Or at least they used to, before the Battledome update. The price however makes it so that few people will ever own this item. If you think your opponent is going to be using some anagram swords, might I suggest using something like anAltadorian Swordbreaker. The only icon that stands out at this level is the dark, and I would prefer to useHanso Charisma Charmfor dark defence. Even in higher tiers this would fair well against aSword of Thigl. I think Ive heard somewhere before that the average amount of turns that people usually get out of this before it breaks for the battle is about four.