I like how many features are available on mobile, especially since most cloud storage mobile apps leave much to be desired. * No credit card needed. Wed really recommend giving it a go.

Docs, photos you can even resize images and make slideshows! If some issue arises from ransomware, hardware failure or human error, you have the ability to rollback any file to a previous date or time. Most cloud storage solutions offer multiple terabytes of storage at their highest levels and, for most users, this is enough. Its also stored in servers in the US a region thats a little infamous for past dealings of user privacy. With end-to-end encryption and privacy built into the brands core, its surely one of the best options out there for fully secure cloud storage. Youll have to put up with slow download times and limited support options, but Sync does perform well in other key areas. Its actually based in Canada, a region that is known for its stringent privacy laws. "author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Danielle Willat"}}}. Were happy to report that theyve since grown to offer both! So it may not be great for users who very quickly need to move between files. After the trial/demo speeds both up and down became extremely slow. And its great for freeing up space! This feature is supported in Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 10+, but isnt yet available for Safari. We handpick the products and services we write about. Especially, say, if youre dealing with hundreds of photos at a time with generic numeric file names. onclick="trackClickout('event', 'clickout', 'Visit User Reviews', 'sync', this, true );", Sync is very slow, and has syncing issues across multiple devices, Best for backing up an unlimited number of devices, Best combination cloud backup and cybersecurity, Best local-encryption backup (in addition to cloud backup), Automatic backups, backup from external drive, backup status reports in web panel, selective sync, Limits on file type/name, fair use limits, bandwidth throttling, Windows XP and later, macOS 10.6 and later, Linux (web panel online), iOS and Android mobile apps, 256-bit AES encryption, optional private encryption key, Via web and mobile apps, multi-device syncing. The second prompt is to download the desktop app and corresponding Sync folder. Outside of the slower speed, I didnt love that I wasnt able to download the entire folder at once. Simply click on the ellipses () to display a dropdown menu. And definitely handy! Set notifications for link activity to help track sharing. All we know is we can save $149.95 in 5 years if you pay for the Premium Plus 2TB lifetime plan. That does mean some annoying things. At first, I thought the lack of desktop access was inconvenient, but then I realized that both the mobile app and web panel require sign-ins before each session. Designed to make shopping easier. If you choose to sign up for free, youll be asked to fill out a simple form with your email and password. So unlike what is put in the Sync folder, files inside the Vault do not automatically sync up. It is also compliant with privacy laws in the US, UK, and EU (GDPR). box service cloud uc storage collaboration davis faculty enables hosted staff tool students data You can take your pick of both Syncs plans for individuals and teams: Whilst some prices are broken down into monthly payments, as weve mentioned, most plans (except for Solo Professional and Teams Unlimited) only have the option of yearly billing. It wasnt difficult to back up via the mobile app either I just clicked the (+) button and then Upload to select my files. The above screencap is taken from the free version (where you can just set password protection), but you get the idea! With the Pro Teams Unlimited and Pro Solo Professional plans, you can also fully brand your client portal. First off, heres everything we liked: This point is best appreciated with a bit of context. However, pCloud lacks two-factor authentication so theres a bigger need to come up with strong passwords. I had to select and download all 400+ files in my folder individually. When possible, use two-factor authentication, create pins and passcodes for mobile apps, and restrict access to user accounts. And what we loved most is how customizable and granular you can go with the permissions. Ltd. a company registered in Singapore. Family sharingMulti User SharingExpert SupportBackupSmart syncPersonal SolutionBusiness SolutionTeams optionsOffline foldersFile history and recovery. If youve downloaded the desktop app, youll get a desktop notification when files are uploaded. Data restores are only available for deleted files or folders. Lets take a quick look at two leading competitors to see how well Sync stands its ground. Bitcatcha participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means Bitcatcha gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Sync Pro & Business customers can restore any file or folder deleted within a very impressive. Instead, its a safe space that can be accessed through the web app or mobile app. "reviewBody":"", Since Sync runs as zero-knowledge, it doesnt store your encryption keys if you forget your password, Sync wont be able to recover it. It is fully PIPEDA, FIPPA, PIPA, PHIPA, ATIPPA & FOIPOP compliant, meaning that it strictly adheres to cloud storage data privacy requirements, including those specific to Alberta and British Columbia. Whats all this mean? Well, pCloud gives you 10GB free storage to start with, compared to Syncs 5GB.

None of the paid plans have data transfer limits or restrictions on more advanced features such as file requests or document previews. What this basically does is it creates a space in which you can easily back up your files and start sharing them. However, Syncs ability to customize file and folder permissions really outdoes Dropboxs basic offerings. Sync is a Canadian-owned service, and states clearly in its privacy policy that it will only respond to valid Canadian law enforcement requests. Like Dropbox Paper, that lets you record thoughts and notes to the cloud. Youll actually be syncing data from your local device folders to Syncs servers. 202002358R. They definitely set a gold standard to other cloud providers on how to swiftly and smoothly sync data across different devices. Its always comforting to know that, not only is a file backed up, but you can also access its various forms from long ago. From here, you can choose to restore or permanently delete your selection. Downloading my data took much longer than I anticipated 2 hours and 48 minutes. "publisher":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Bitcatcha","url":"https://www.bitcatcha.com/"}, Whilst many cloud storage hosts offer monthly plans, we were quick to notice that Sync doesnt. Add a few years, and $100 for a 1GB flash drive seemed like a bargain. Nope youll need to download the files first. Many of the Help Centers articles also contain short video tutorials that walk you through Syncs features. It took a few rounds of development to become the Sync its users know and love today. As such, Sync is fully compliant to global data standards such as GDPR, PIPEDA and a bunch more. One feature I liked was the web panels Event section, which details all the activity on the account. Though of course this does vary greatly with the speed of your internet connection. Sure, youll reap a 20% discount for fronting up the annual lump sum, but we can see why a lot of people would prefer the smaller payments. "bestRating":"5"}, Enter the cloud storage provider. Files can easily be downloaded from the cloud back to your computer, anytime. The app wasnt glitchy and I didnt notice any lags or interruptions. Cue sighs of relief all around. Your one-stop hub for all things website related. For example, you wont be able to preview documents, music, movies or even photos from the browser. In my experience, it does appear that high Wi-Fi usage times (like evenings and weekends) will result in slower upload times. All this makes Sync an excellent file-sharing alternative to clunky email attachments. Basically, this lets you link chosen folders within your file system, to folders in your cloud. Heck, TB. On the free plan, file history and recovery are 30 days, but you can upgrade your plan for more time. Sync has all the basic features youll need to store, sync and share files, plus reasonable storage capabilities, and great privacy protection. Not to worry Sync lets you easily jump a file back to an earlier time and work from there. Which sure, might be a downer for some users.

In the face of Syncs impressive security offerings, we definitely know which of these is our favourite in this area. Were still not sure if its a well-intentioned gift to humanity, or a clever way to get some marketing traction. pCloud charges extra for zero-knowledge encryption and extended versioning. pCloud and Sync are also well evolved for file and folder sharing. After youve downloaded the desktop app and logged in, youll be prompted to choose where youd like your Sync folder located. If price is a large consideration, check out our list of the best cloud backup services in 2022, which offers secure and reliable budget-friendly options. "creator":{"@type":"Person","name":"Danielle Willat"}, This is in part because Dropbox offers block-level copying which helps ensure that sync speeds are always zippy. If youre willing to fork out for pCloud Crypto, youre getting a comparable level of best-in-market protection, plus the convenience of file previews. Thankfully, if youre prone to changing your mind, the Sync folder can be moved at any time. You can read more about this here. Anything within the Sync folder is automatically backed-up. I was even able to download files to my phone from the web panel through a mobile browser. Adding files to your Sync folder is a simple matter of dragn drop. If you need to send files to a team, you can create a folder and invite team members using the Team shares section. I also couldnt choose where the downloaded files were saved, so I had to manually move them. With Sync Business, you can preview documents from the mobile app or a browserwithout having to download them something that not all cloud storage solutions offer. Using Sync definitely requires a bit of give and take. You can use this feature to monitor and track every login, file upload, deletion, and link creation done by yourself or other users. There are even offline access features that let you get work done even when you're not connected to the internet. Its easy to use and offers useful features like link sharing, multi-threaded desktop and mobile apps (for faster uploads), and the Sync Vault. There are a ton of options available to keep your account and your data safe. Bitcatcha's content is reader-supported. Registered office: 3 Philip Street #09-02, Royal Group Building, Central Singapore, Singapore (048693).

Good news is we couldnt spot any hidden fees and it does seem to allow the flexibility of changing plans later on, if you decide you want to.

I reached out to support for more information on private encryption keys and they were quick to respond to my email query, which is the only form of customer support Sync currently offers. Unfortunately, the web panel application doesnt yet have this feature. Use the Devices setting to delete a device, set device permissions for password changes or resets, and even remotely log out. Not to mention directly stream any music and video outside your Crypto folder, which is just out of the question in Sync. This is also known as zero-knowledge privacy. Although its clear that Sync is mostly focused on mastering the basics, there are a few noteworthy non-basic features. Sync is easily accessible via its desktop or mobile app or the online web panel. Paid plans also give you access to useful features like multiple user access, and unlimited data transfers and link sharing. In addition, some plans allow for file recovery up to 365 days after a file has been deleted, a feature you wont find with most solutions. But all in all, I was satisfied with Syncs upload speeds. The pricing of pCloud and Syncs annual 2TB plans run very close. Our website contains links to affiliate websites and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchase made to the affiliate website by clicking the links in our website. Once registered, youll be shown a checklist of steps to fully set up Sync (completing the list also unlocks an extra 1GB storage space!). With a paid account, you can also password-protect links, enable or disable comments, and activate enhanced privacy settings. "reviewRating":{"@type":"Rating", "mainEntityOfPage":{"@type":"WebPage","@id":"https://www.bitcatcha.com/cloud-storage-reviews/sync-com/"}, Dropbox doesnt offer end to end encryption data is decrypted before its put on the server. For example, some paid plans come with unlimited storage (a rare find in the cloud storage world)and custom branding capabilities. Information is only collected during the sign up and payment process, through information requests, and by authorized third party users. And since Sync operates best on privacy, we thought it would only be fair to compare it to another excellent zero-knowledge encryption provider pCloud. Get 5GB totally free! Free Sync customers can restore any file or folder deleted within the past 30 days. If I had to suggest an upgrade to Syncs support section, Id definitely add in a live chat feature. Each of them come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try your plan out for size. So, even though your files are online, theyre meaningless to others because theyd need the encryption key to understand it. I absentmindedly closed my laptop during this upload which was a bad move on my part because it paused my progress. What about the freebies? Backing up data with Sync isnt complicated. You can even request user training for your companys employees.How do I protect my cloud storage?The best way to protect your cloud-stored data is to set up multiple layers of security. cloud storage These include remote wiping of files, as well as stolen file audits for anything or anyone gone rogue. When shes not glued to her computer screen, you can find her teaching visual communication design classes, roaming through farmers markets, or searching for treasures at second-hand bookstores. Since the data servers are over 3,000 miles away from my home in Trinidad and Tobago, I expected the uploads to take much longer than they did. You can also minimize the window to keep browsing the web panel. In general, Dropbox seems to charge more for storage and have a lot more charged add-ons that, in our opinion shouldnt really be charged for. This makes it ideal for data backups for the sort of important files and folders that you cant afford to lose, vs. the working files you may be updating regularly. Given that end-to-end encryption needs to be done, we did read quite a few comments about slow upload and download speed of files. Moving things into Vault is a super simple matter of selecting the file, clicking Move, and checking the Vault box. Sync uses zero-knowledge HTML5 to decrypt files locally in your browser as they download. And Sync comes with instant access, unlimited data transfer and the ability to share documents with whomever you choose, no Sync account or software required. Cloud storage plans can also be costly.

All things considered, were pretty dang impressed with everything Sync dishes up. 1mbps at best. Payments can be made via credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. pCloud was, too, designed with privacy in mind. Sync is fully committed to never selling personal information to third parties and gives you full control of how information is used for secondary purposes such as marketing. This section saved me a ton of time while I was setting up and configuring my account. Its easy to do just click Share on any file or folder to generate a link that you can copy it or send directly via email. As weve mentioned, the security level that Sync demands doesnt allow for third-party tools integration.

However, it wasnt immediately obvious how one was meant to access Vault, as there wasnt any sort of pop-up walkthrough after installation. Dare we also mention that Dropbox is still recovering from its 2012 hacking where 68 million user passwords were stolen? Most cloud storage solutions offer multiple terabytes of storage at their highest levels and, for most users, this is enough. Ive come across a few cloud storage solutions that dont have desktop or mobile access, so I appreciate that Sync hasnt done away with these options.Syncs features are on par with its competitors, so if youre looking for the basics, youve found a good option. wetransfer