The stadium lies one block off the large Insurgentes Avenue, which means there are plenty of eating and drinking opportunities around the stadium, from cheap fast food joints to upscale restaurants. Get a metro on line 3 towards Universidad and get off at stop Copilco.

of clubs in wider region: 9 (3+6), Average stadium capacity: 55,587 Largest stadium: Estadio Azteca(104,000 seats) Smallest stadium: Estadio Neza 86(20,000 seats), Inhabitants Mexico City: 20.4 million Inhabitants per club: 6.8 million Inhabitants per stadium seat: 101, (only includes clubs in Mexicos top twoprofessional leagues). It holds 3,500 peoples. You can also bring sunscreen which I use a lot when we go to games and theres no sun cover. The stadium was designed by architects Pedro Ramrez Vzquez and Rafael Mijares Alcrreca and broke ground in 1961. To get from the airport to the city centre one can use the metro, though one or two transfers are required to get to most central areas, which can be uncomfortable if carrying a lot of luggage (especially during rush hour). If you want some souvenirs, the stalls outside the stadiums are the best places to grab a hat, scarf, or t-shirt with the home teams logo on them.

Puebla, on the other hand, is well worth visiting, plays in an impressive stadium, but has struggled in recent years which at times is reflected in attendances. Estadio Azteca is a multi-purpose stadium located in Mexico City. on 29 May 1966, with a capacity for 107,494 spectators. Known colloquially by the nickname "Coloso de Santa rsula", which in English translates to "Colossus of Saint Ursula", due to its large structure and Santa rsula referring to the suburb where the stadium is located.[25]. Sometimes away fans arent even allowed to be served beer inside the stadium. This has resulted in that Estadio Neza, Mexico Citys fourth-largest stadium, is currently without occupant. Select at least two countries or territories to compare and see how they differ from each other. Try to avoid the lowest rows (more or less row 20 to 26) of the bottom tier as these often have restricted views. If you do get it into your head to check out a Zacatepec match at Estadio Agustin Coruco Diaz, youll be able to catch a bus from Cuernavaca to get to the town that lies 50 kilometres further south.

Home of the famous Azteca, one of the worlds temples of football, but there is much more football in Mexico City. Your choices will be applied to this site only. No. These are the Estadio Akron in Guadalajara, the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City and the BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey.

There tends to be a bit more queuing at Estadio Azteca and Estadio Olimpico Universitario, and therefore allow for at least half an hour for the typical match. No arrests or injuries were reported. The Estadio Azteca is also the site in which Pel and Diego Maradona (during the 1970 and 1986 FIFA World Cup) lifted the trophy for the last time (The Jules Rimet Trophy and the current FIFA World Cup Trophy, respectively). Mexico City is the capital of a football-mad country.

Avoid the ends and corners at Pumas matches as these tend to be almost deserted. However, once youve taken those first few steps, the Mexico City transport system isnt too hard to navigate. Although there had been little to no confusion between the stadium and television network (which had only come into existence four years before in 1993), Televisa officially changed the stadium's name to Estadio Guillermo Caedo on 20 January 1997, in tribute to Guillermo Caedo de la Brcena, a top network executive, former Mexican Football Federation president, and a prominent member of the FIFA executive committee who had died that day. It has direct connections to various European capitals, most large cities in the USA, and most capitals in Latin-America.

There are a moreoptions near Estadio Azul or a little further north near theWorld Trade Center. This line is an extension of the Mexico City metro system which begins at Metro Tasquea station and ends in the Xochimilco Light Rail Station. As of 2018, the stadium also serves as the home of Cruz Azul.

It will normally take 45 to 60 minutes to reach the stadium from the historic centre, but there can be quite a bit of queuing at Tasquea on matchdays, so beadvised to schedule at least 90 to 120 minutes for the journey. You can also find the former house and workshop of Diego Rivera there, which is now an exhibition. Your ticket has an assigned seat on it and you usually have to stay in that seat, especially if it is busy. I usually leave my house 3 hours before the game starts if Im going to Cruz Azul and I need to buy tickets. The Aztec pyramids outside of the city in Teotihuacan should be on anyones list to visit. From 13 to 14 December 2013, assemblies were held by the Jehovah's Witnesses to commemorate their religious devotion with a series of performances in scenes of biblical passages, social-contemporary themes and Christian baptisms, of which each day record of participation of 105,000 faithful, of which on Sunday there was the record time of eviction of 10 minutes for reasons of other scheduled events and in turn 2000 participants were dedicated to cleaning after each event. Tickets are available up until kick-off times from the ticket office which is located at the front of the stadium, located towards the exit ramps from the Azteca station. Estadio Victoria is sports stadium in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. [5] The renovations to the stadium were planned in two phases: the first saw the demolition of the restaurant and seating at the lower east stand and the construction of a new hospitality area with dining and banqueting spaces, and the second saw the construction of new media boxes and private skyboxes at the upper west stand. According to club owner Guillermo lvarez, they plan on building a new private stadium, which could take an estimated three-to-four years.

The MetLife Stadium, New York/New Jersey, is candidate for the final. [7] With an official capacity of 87,523,[1] it is the largest stadium in Mexico and Latin America. The United States will have ten stadiums for the 2026 World Cup. Almost all tickets for Pachuca matches are general admission, and you can therefore sit anywhere in the stadium (apart from some dedicated fan sections). Youcan get to Puebla by taking a bus from the TAPO bus terminal, which can be reached with the pink metro line 1, or less frequently fromthe northern bus terminal. In 1978 the stadium hosted the final of the Copa Interamericana between Amrica and Boca Juniors of Argentina, and would host a final again in 1990 between Amrica and Club Olimpia of Paraguay. It was reported that Grupo Televisa, owners of the stadium, approved a joint-venture bid from private development firms IQ Real Estate and Alhel. Pumas are the team for UNAM, the largest university in Mexico City and they play at the Olympic Stadium or El Estadio Olmpico Universitario, in the southern area of the city. An important part of the 2026 World Cup soccer will take place in Mexico: three stadiums have applied succesfully. A commemorative bronze plaque of the "Game of the Century" played between Italy and West Germany, as well as Diego Maradona's "Goal of the Century" against England. When you come out the stadium is basically right in front of you. You will likely need to transfer at stop Tacubaya. Ticket prices get increased for the top matches, which is very common in Mexico. Be sure that you find a game that is going to be played at home and not away. Mexico City Arena is an indoor arena in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, Mexico. If you are staying in the historic centre, taking the metro is probably quickest. Most people will be happy enough to stick to the metro to get around, not wanting to bother figuring out local bus routes. The total cost of the arena was $300 million.

It is a well-off area with offices, restaurants, and apartment buildings so most hotels are the business types in the higher price ranges. Estadio Azteca has also been used for musical performances throughout its history. Toluca also tends to sell out the high-profile games, though tickets will generally be easily available for regular matches. No identification is required to buy a ticket, but it may be sensible to take off your belt before visiting a match. On 29, 31 October and 7, 9 and 11 November 1993. The journey takes just over2 hours. Both his and Frida Kahlos former houses have been converted into museums. Hotels near Estadio Azteca | Hotels near Estadio Olimpico Universitario | Hotels near Estadio Azul | Hotels near Estadio Hidalgo | Hotels near Estadio Nemesio Diez |.

It is located near the Mexico City International Airport and is operated by Grupo CIE.

Michael Jackson (5 sold-out shows in 1993),[17] Menudo (in 1983), U2 (in 2006 and 2011), Luis Miguel (in 2002), Paul McCartney (in 2012 and 2017), Elton John, Man, Juan Gabriel, Gloria Estefan, Jaguares, Lenny Kravitz, *Nsync, Hanson, Ana Gabriel, and The Three Tenors all have become part of the stadium's main spectacle. Estadio Momoxco is a stadium in San Pedro Actopan, Milpa Alta, Mexico City, Mexico. The stadium sits at an altitude of 2,200m (7,200 feet) above sea level. The stadium will be renovated soon, which will decrease the capacity. Alternatively, and especially if you are staying in the Condesa or Zona Rosa areas (around Reforma), you can use the metrobus to get to Estadio Azul. [6] It is the official home of football club Club Amrica, Cruz Azul and the Mexico national football team. The teams are Cruz Azul, Club America, and Pumas. You can read all about How to Use Uber in Mexico City here.

In terms of non-football options, Mexico Citys historic centre with the impressive Zocalo square and buzzingside streets is well worth exploring.

Places and attractions in Arenas and stadiums category. With an official capacity of 87,523, it is the largest stadium in Mexico and Latin America. If you cant make it to a match but still want to admire the impressiveEstadio Azteca, then you can get on a stadium tour instead. Puebla also has free seating, and in particular the upper-sections at the long sides are good value as they provide you good views and cover. Usually, if Cruz Azul are away for the weekend, then Club America will be at home. If you are going to be in Mexico City for a specific week, I highly recommend simply searching on Google to find out when the games are. This park is also Mexico Citys nicest,particularly lively on the weekends, and holds the citys zoo with its pandas. Men and woman are all patted down as you enter the stadium and you will be asked to check them with the paqueterias (bag check areas).