There is also a movement for a union with France. '[214] Without any formal process for handling the break-up of any member state, the European Commission offered, if requested by a member state, to provide an official view on the EU's position on Scottish EU membership in the event of its independence from the UK. However, the chairman of the left-wing Republic (Tjveldi), Hgni Hoydal, has expressed concerns that if the Faroes were to join the EU as is, they might vanish inside the EU, comparing this with the situation of the Shetland Islands and land today, and wants the local government to solve the political situation between the Faroes and Denmark first.[206]. visa britain thousands eu restrictions ends head express Some reflections on the timing of Moldovas negotiations of the EU Association Agreement. Bilateral treaties, open border, customs union, and euro adoption.

Official Journal of the European Communities 1973, C113 p2, Edward, David, "Scotland's Position in the European Union", Scottish Parliamentary Review, Vol. The status of the Overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin is also defined as OMR by the Treaty of Lisbon. According to the EC treaty (article 299 2), all of these departments are outermost regions (OMR) of the EUhence provisions of the EC treaty apply there while derogations are allowed. When Iceland was in membership negotiations around 2010, there was a hope of better conditions for fish-rich countries[citation needed], but to no avail. Accession negotiations with Albania were opened in July 2022. Corsica has a strong and electorally successful nationalist movement, with positions ranging from autonomy to outright independence, the latter option with around 1015% public support. [36] However, the EU did not expand further into the post-Soviet space in the 2010s. Had the referendum been in favour of the settlement proposal, the island (excluding the British Sovereign Base Areas) would have joined the European Union as the United Cyprus Republic. [38][39][40] However, following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine submitted an application for EU membership on 28 February 2022, followed by Georgia and Moldova on 3 March 2022. Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, as well as Liechtenstein, participate in the EU Single Market and also in the Schengen Area, which makes them closely aligned with the EU; none, however, are in the EU Customs Union. [15] In June 2022 French President Emmanuel Macron submitted a compromise proposal which, if adopted by both countries, would pave the way for the immediate adoption of negotiating frameworks for North Macedonia and Albania by the EU Council and for the organization of intergovernmental conferences with them. Turkey is the eleventh largest economy in the world, and is a key regional power. Accession negotiations with Montenegro were opened in June 2012. [137], Potential candidates for admission into the European Union, This article is about potential future enlargement.

Whether a country is European or not is subject to political assessment by the EU institutions. [1][2] Bosnia and Georgia have formally submitted applications for membership, while Kosovo has a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU, which generally precedes the lodging of a membership application.

Albania, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro are all candidate states, and all of them are in negotiations.

[204] The relations with the EU are governed by a Fisheries Agreement (1977) and a Free Trade Agreement (1991, revised 1998). [24][25] On 24 November 2016, the European Parliament approved a non-binding resolution calling for the "temporary freeze of the ongoing accession negotiations with Turkey" over human rights and rule of law concerns. Its status was changed to that of an Overseas Country. [13], The European Council had endorsed starting negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia on 26 March 2020,[14] however the negotiation process was blocked by Bulgaria for over two years. After the establishment of Greenland's home rule in 1979 (effective from 1980), it held a second referendum on membership. [12], Serbia and Montenegro have started accession negotiations and may join the EU in 2025. New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France with its own unique status under the French Constitution, which is distinct from that of overseas departments and collectivities. Bilateral treaties allowing participation in the.

The result was (mainly because of the Common Fisheries Policy) to leave, so on 1 February 1985, Greenland left the EEC and EURATOM. " " ", "People's Party of Armenia Changes Orientation", "Interview With RA National Assembly Speaker Artur Baghdasaryan", "The views of Armenian and Azerbaijani Political Parties on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and conflict resolution process", "Tsarukian Endorsed By Eurosceptic EU Politicians", "EUSUPP: Support of country's membership in EU (%)", "Afstaa til veru slands NATO og aildar a ESB", "Mling: En av fem er usikker p norsk EU-medlemskap", "EU Relations with the Principality of Andorra, the Principality of Monaco and the Republic of San Marino: Options for their participation in the Internal Market", "Referendum "europeo": Sinistra Unita dice "S", "Civico10 sul referendum sull'Europa: vietato votare 'no', "Congresso Psd: si cerca la mediazione su un nome che rappresenti le diverse anime", "Referendum 2013: Per San Marino invita a votare s", "Referendum sull'Europa, Psm spinge verso "l'inizio di una trattativa lunga e difficile", "DC, maggiore integrazione all'Europa non significa adesione", "Linke lanciert neue EU-Beitrittsdebatte", "The UKEU relationship: the Liberal Democrat position", "First political party to commit itself to campaigning for UK to rejoin EU", "Nicola Sturgeon says second Scottish referendum 'highly likely' as it happened", "The U.K. Has Officially Left the European Union. The accords also specify a gradual devolution of powers to the local New Caledonian assembly. [212] Currently, in regard to the EU, it is one of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT). The reunification of the island with Spain, and its integration into the EU, as a Spanish autonomous community has been proposed. [207] OCTs are considered to be "associated" with the EU and apply some portions of EU law. The present enlargement agenda of the European Union regards three distinct groups of states: These states must negotiate the terms of their EU accession with the current member states, and align their domestic legislation with EU law before joining. ", "General Election 2019: Scotland would 'seek a way back in' to EU", "The Internal Enlargement of the European Union", "The 'internal' enlargement of the European Union is it possible? There are multiple special member state territories, some of them are not fully covered by the EU treaties and apply EU law only partially, if at all. [137] The Scottish National Party (SNP) which leads Scotland's devolved government supports re-joining the EU should Scotland become independent in the future. Further political and economic reforms are needed before the. This is consistent with the incorporation of East Germany into the Federal Republic of Germany as a single European Communities member state. Also, every member has to pay for the Common Agricultural Policy, which favours countries having much agriculture which the Faroe Islands does not. Despite Scotland voting to stay,[136] the United Kingdom as a whole left the European Union in 2020, leaving potential future membership for Scotland as enlargement from outside of the EU. ", "THE INTERNAL ENLARGEMENT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION", "Scottish independence: Irish minister says EU application 'would take time', "Independent Scotland 'would have to apply to join EU' Brussels official". The subsequent events constituted a political crisis for Catalonia. The Greek Cypriot community rejected the Annan Plan for the settlement of the Cyprus dispute in a referendum on 24 April 2004. In some cases, a region desires to leave its state and the EU, namely those regions wishing to join Switzerland.

[215] Nicola Sturgeon, the then Deputy First Minister of Scotland, said that the Scottish Cabinet did not agree an independent Scotland would have to reapply for EU membership.[148]. Turkey has had historically close ties with the EU, having an association agreement since 1964,[18] being in a customs union with the EU since 1995 and initially applying to join in 1987.

Of the four major western European countries that are not EU members, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland have submitted membership applications in the past but subsequently frozen or withdrawn them, while the United Kingdom is a former member. [23] Turkish Cypriots are citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and thus of the European Union, and were entitled to vote in the 2004 European Parliament election (though only a few hundred registered). C' anche Zappadu", "Il Senato affonda il collegio Sardegna, per l'Isola nessun europarlamentare", "Referendum nucleare Sardegna: concluse verifiche Comuni, i SI al 97,13% - Regione Autonoma della Sardegna", "Sardegna: paradiso turistico o la lenta morte di un popolo? This commitment was made in order to stabilise the region in the wake of the Yugoslav Wars, a series of ethnic wars through the 1990s that led to the break-up of Yugoslavia. However, the EU members have warned that, following the significant impact of the fifth enlargement in 2004, a more individual approach will be adopted in the future, although the entry of pairs or small groups of countries will most probably coincide.[10]. [192], There is a separatist movement in Wallonia although secession of Flanders from Belgium seems more likely. [138], Internal enlargement is the process of new member states arising from the break-up of or secession from an existing member state. The Scottish Government requested that UK Prime Minister David Cameron place this request, but such a request was not made. It would become the most populous country in the EU. "Independent Catalonia would need to apply to join EU -Juncker", "European Commission - Statement on the events in Catalonia", Scottish independence: EC's Barroso says new states need 'apply to join EU', "correspondence from Mr Barroso to the House of lords", "Jose Manuel Barroso: nearly impossible for Scotland to join EU", "EU commission: Catalonia must leave EU if it leaves Spain", "Spanish PM: Independent Scotland would be kicked out of the EU", "Scottish independence: Spain warning over EU entry", "Spain will not veto an independent Scotland joining EU", "EU needs a smarter response to the Catalonia crisis", "Separatist 'win' does not change EU view on Catalonia", "Les Corses et leur perception de la situation sur l'le: Rsultats dtaills", "Brussels after Belgium: fringe town or city state? The islands are focusing on gaining the same status as the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands and the French overseas departments. [158], There is an active movement towards Flemish independence or union with the Netherlands. The Brexit debate has reignited talk about the EU in Greenland with calls for the island to join the Union again.[210].

[41][42] On 23 June 2022, the European Council granted candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine, and recognized Georgia as a potential candidate for membership. Di Marco Oggianu, 21.12.2006", "Outcome of the special European Council (Article 50) meeting of 29 April 2017", "Europe could allow a united Ireland to join EU after Brexit", "A union between Moldova and Romania: On the cards? [103] In addition to European states, other countries have also been speculated or proposed as future members of the EU. [194][195], A similar scenario has been envisioned with the unification of Moldova and Romania, which would incorporate the current territory of Moldova into Romania and thus into the EU. Eve Hepburn", "Identit e autonomia in Sardegna FocuSardegna", "La Sardegna che vorrebbe l'indipendenza come i catalani", "Focus: La questione identitaria e indipendentista in Sardegna - University of Cagliari, Ilenia Ruggiu", "The Scottish Referendum: The View from Italy and Sardinia", Indipendentista il 40% dei sardi (Conferenza delle Regioni e delle Province autonome, "La Sardegna vuole l'indipendenza. [159][160], Officially, the island nation of Cyprus is part of the European Union, under the de jure sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus. The only previous enlargements of a single state were the 1981 admission of Greece and the 2013 admission of Croatia.

[196] About 44% of the Moldovans that were polled in 2021 supported such a scenario.

Slovenia was the first former Yugoslav country to join EU in 2004, followed by Croatia in 2013. Sardinia has a strong and electorally successful nationalist movement, with positions ranging from autonomy to outright independence.

There are various proposals, both within and outside the independentist movement, for what should happen to Brussels, ranging from staying part of the Belgian rump state, to joining the hypothetical Flemish state, to becoming a separate political entity.[159][160]. Such applications could be resubmitted in the event of a change in the political landscape. [7] This is due to the political issues surrounding the accession of the country. The results of all three referendums determined that New Caledonia would remain a part of the French Republic. [166][167][168][169][170][171][172] A 2017 poll by the Ix Institute found that 51% of those questioned identified as Sardinian (as opposed to an Italian average of 15% identifying by their region of origin), rather than Italian (19%), European (11%) and/or citizen of the world (19%). On the same day, the restart of negotiations was set for July 19, 2022.[17]. This page was last edited on 21 July 2022, at 17:41. The Faroe Islands, a self-governing nation within the Kingdom of Denmark, is not part of the EU, as explicitly asserted by both Rome treaties. The Catalan independence movement is pro-EU but will the EU accept it? 42.1% in favour (2013 poll with several options). [16] On 24 June 2022, Bulgaria's parliament approved the revised French proposal to lift the country's veto on opening EU accession talks with North Macedonia, with the Assembly of North Macedonia also doing so on 16 July 2022 allowing accession negotiations to begin. As the Sardinian movement has its origins on the left of the political spectrum[161][162] It is mostly pro-european, with a key focus on environmentalism. While the UK's withdrawal from the EU also took Scotland out of the EU, the debates in the referendum campaign may inform other future scenarios. ", "Jean Quatremer: a nation has been bornFlanders", "ENTREVISTA A MARCEL FARINELLI (1): CRCEGA Y CERDEA FORMAN UN ARCHIPILAGO INVISIBLE AL TENER SUS ISLAS NACIONALISMOS DE SIGNO OPUESTO", "What next for independence movements in Europe?